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10-Aug-2009On the Traces of Laguerre ProcessesReporteVICTOR MANUEL PEREZ ABREU CARRION3-Nov-2017
19-Nov-2008The S-Transform of Symmetric Probability Measures With Unbounded SupportsReporteVICTOR MANUEL PEREZ ABREU CARRION6-Nov-2017
11-Feb-2003Covariance-Parameter Levy Processes in the Space of Trace-Class OperatorsReporteVICTOR MANUEL PEREZ ABREU CARRION27-Nov-2017
17-Mar-2010On the Non-Classical Infinite Divisibility of Power Semicircle DistributionReporteVICTOR MANUEL PEREZ ABREU CARRION3-Nov-2017
30-Sep-2008Free Generalized Gamma ConvolutionsReporteVICTOR MANUEL PEREZ ABREU CARRION6-Nov-2017
15-Oct-2009Almost sure and   -convergence of the traces of Laguerre processes to the family of dilations of the standard free Poisson distribution are established. We also prove that the fl uctuations around the limiting proces s, converge weakly to a continuous centered Gaussian process. The almost sure convergence on compact time intervals of the largest and smallest eigenvalues processes is also establishedReporteVICTOR MANUEL PEREZ ABREU CARRION3-Nov-2017
1-Jun-1980A Note on the Limiting Behavior of the Empirical Probability Genereting FunctionReporteVICTOR MANUEL PEREZ ABREU CARRION21-Aug-2018
30-Oct-1987Los Procesos Estocásticos Ramificados como Modelos para Detectar Brotones de Epidemias de una Enfermedad Contagiosa, Aspectos Estadísticos.ReporteVICTOR MANUEL PEREZ ABREU CARRION22-Aug-2018
23-Oct-1987The Exponential Space of an L2 - Stochastic Process with Independent IncrementsReporteVICTOR MANUEL PEREZ ABREU CARRION22-Aug-2018
16-Aug-1988Weak Convergence of Solutions of Stochastic Evolution Equations on Nuclear SpacesReporteVICTOR MANUEL PEREZ ABREU CARRION23-Aug-2018